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Career Development Check-list of Objectives and Constraints

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According to a paper by Oxford academics Carl Frey and Michael Osborne, some 40% to 80% of all the jobs that exist today are under threat from technological change within the next twenty years. An example of this sort of attack is that is being experiences by taxi drivers, firstly from the Über app on smart-phones and, only a little later, from self-driving cars. The ‘learned professions are not exempt. English law is governed by precedents and, traditionally, barristers had to be well versed in an enormous volume of case law. Not any more – modern database technology threatens all that. Cannot a quantity surveyor already be replaced by software linked to computerised architects’ plans and builders’ merchant catalogues?

The Five Strange Behaviours of American Employers

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During a long career in the IT industry I have had quite lot of experience with US-headquartered employers both through first-hand experience and from personal cases. In this article I highlight the five strangest of their behaviours.

Openreach: Ofcom

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Ofcom Digital Communications Review: Ofcom’s interim statement – discussions to continue

Ofcom has issued a further interim statement today about this review. They have announced that they are pressing ahead with their proposals for the ‘separate legal incorporation’ of Openreach. This is not new – this is what Ofcom proposed back in July when they published their interim findings. In that July report, they proposed that Openreach should become a wholly owned subsidiary of BT, with its own Articles of Association, and that is what they are still proposing. The issues for our members – particularly our members in Openreach – are, what would this mean in practice, how would it be done and what would the implications be, particularly for pensions, job security and terms and conditions of employment?

Victory for trade unions in DfT sickness absence case

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03 Feb 2015

The Department for Transport broke employees’ contracts by failing to reach agreement with Prospect and other recognised unions before changing its absence management procedures, the High Court ruled today (Tuesday).

Prospect, the FDA and PCS brought breach of contract claims against the DfT on behalf of members in the central department and its agencies in November 2014.

Mind the gap

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This briefing aims to raise awareness of two highly significant global events this year that an incoming UK government will need to prepare for and negotiate on – namely the global agreements for the sustainable development goals (SDGs) addressing poverty reduction and then the legally binding climate change negotiations.

The briefing also outlines a poverty/climate campaign that Prospect members may be interested in.

Please feel free to circulate this more widely to those who may have an interest in poverty reduction and/or climate change.

New H&S rules for Self Employed

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New health and safety rules for self-employed workers are a “license to kill”, warns TUC

The TUC has today (Monday) slammed new proposals to exempt millions of self-employed workers from health and safety legislation.

R4 Debate on Unions

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The Radio4 debate on the unions first broadcast on the evening of 28 May 2014 -- It features our very own Keith Flett (at approximately 21 minutes in). As you would expect Keith does an excellent job - particularly as an advert for Prospect. His blurred image complete with beard can be made behind the presenters.

If that has disappeared you should be able to listen to it below

Albert Einstein

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AlbertEinstienEinstein was smart enough to join a union...

are you? Apply here!

“I consider it important, indeed urgently necessary for intellectual workers to get together, both to protect their own economic status and also, generally speaking, to secure their influence in the political field.”  Albert Einstein 1938 in a comment explaining why he had joined the American Federation of Teachers Local 552 as a charter member. Poster