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Prospect Briefing on Juidcial Review Appeal

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Civil Service Sector Executive Committee
Retired Members’ Group National Committee
Connect Sector Executive Committee

24 February 2012

Dear Colleague

RPI/CPI: Court of Appeal

Below is a report provided by Edward Cooper of RJW on the conduct of the case and salient points from the hearing.

The Court of Appeal have reserved judgment, having concluded the hearing at lunchtime today.

NFOP - Con Trick on Pensioners

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Date: 18th November 2011  Newsletter No 92

Con Trick on Pensioners

The Government is about to perpetrate a con trick on benefit claimants and pensioners according to James Coney of Money Mail. He calls it a “dastardly sleight of hand”. It seems that even the CPI is too expensive to use because it is at 5.2 per cent costing the treasury an estimated extra £1.8bn more than forecast. So the ever devious bean counters have according to “sources” thought up a plan to cut this extra spend.

Public Sector Pensions

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From: Leslie Manasseh, Deputy General Secretary
To: All Connect Sector Reps
Date: 29/07/2011


Public Sector Pensions

Public sector pensions are very much in the news at the moment as the government announced this week the range of increased contributions that would apply to public sector employees. Both because Prospect represents 35,000 professionals and specialists who will be directly affected, and because this issue is of wider significance and impact, I wanted to write to you directly to clarify some of the key issues.

Prospect does not oppose reform of public sector pensions. Indeed over recent years Prospect members in the Civil Service have accepted changes which reduce the value of their pensions – by agreeing firstly to a change to a CARE scheme and secondly to a change in their redundancy terms. Despite this, the government has made or is seeking further changes which include

  1. Changing the indexation of pensions from RPI to CPI. This measure alone will save over £100 billion
  2. Increasing the normal pension age by a minimum of 3 years
  3. Increasing the contribution rate by an average of 3.2%
  4. Freezing civil service pay for two years and cutting civil service jobs by up to 25%


The government claims that the cost of public sector pensions is unsustainable. However Lord Hutton - whose report it commissioned -established that the costs are set to fall as a percentage of national income.

Prospect remains willing to engage in constructive negotiations about the nature and pace of reform. Indeed we are currently involved in a series of meetings with the Cabinet Office. However we do not believe it is helpful for the government to make public announcements on the detail of changes – as it did earlier this week - which have not so far been the subject of negotiation.

The government claims that public sector pensions are much better than those in the private sector. It is not true that public sector pensions are gold-plated –the average public sector pension is £6,200 per annum and half are less than £5,600. It is true that most workers in the private sector are not part of occupational pension schemes. However, this means, that instead of being shared between employees and employers, the full costs of ensuring that people can maintain a reasonable standard of living in retirement will fall to future tax payers. The problem is not that public sector pensions are too good; it is that private sector schemes are, in the main, not good enough.

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Prospect briefing CPI-RPI pensions switch

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Prospect briefing CPI-RPI pensions switch

Following a number of complaints about the sound quality on the original video we have had the video processed in an attempt to improve the sound. The following revised video is the best we can do, it is a small improvement -- Philip

The original

CSPA Newsletter - The Legal Challange

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Number 70 16 June 2011

Dear Colleague


Further to Newsletter Number 69, I can now confirm that on Monday 18 April 2011, on behalf of the Police Federation (PF), the National Association of Retired Police Officers (NARPO), Prospect, FDA, GMB and the Civil Service Pensioners’ Alliance, our solicitors, Russell, Jones & Walker, issued the necessary Claim Form and Grounds for an application for a Judicial Review at the High Court in London, challenging the Government’s decision to switch the indexation of Public Service Pensions from RPI to CPI. On 19 April 2011 the papers were also served on the solicitors acting for both the DWP and HM Treasury, under cover of a letter requesting their urgent views, so that the Claim could be expedited.

Prospect launches Judicial Review

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From: Ben Marshall – Assistant General Secretary

Prospect, together with a number of other public sector unions and some retired public sector employees' organisations, is seeking a Judicial Review of the Government's decision to link pension increases in future to the Consumer Prices Index in place of the Retail Prices Index. I attach a letter from Prospect's Civil Service Sector reporting on this.

Unions launch legal challenge to CPI switch

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Unions launch legal challenge to CPI switch



Six trade unions and pensioner organisations are to launch a legal challenge to the government’s decision to link increases in pension benefits to the Consumer Prices Index.

Prospect Response to DWP consultation

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The impact of using CPI as the measure of price increases on private sector occupational pension schemes

Download a PDF version of this submission



1. Prospect is an independent trade union representing over 122,000 managers, specialists and professionals in both the private and the public sectors in a range of industries and organisations from telecoms and IT to aviation, agriculture, defence, energy, environment, heritage, industry and scientific research.

Inflation figures were wrong says Bank of England

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BBC NewsBusiness

Inflation figures were wrong, says Bank of England

By Simon Gompertz Personal finance correspondent, BBC News

Tracking the ups and downs of clothes prices was particularly tricky

The Bank of England has calculated that inflation was 0.3% higher per year than the figures reported by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).